FALL 2017

Exposing Digital Photography

This course explores three discrete yet related genres of photography: photojournalism, documentary, and art photography. The instructor's background is in conflict and documentary photography, so this course also explores that world a little, with emphasis on narrative photography—storytelling.


photo essays

My Son, My Sun. Photo essay by Gigi cowan-bondick

"In this essay, I set out to capture My Son using alternative sources of light, or artificial “suns,” in an effort to push my imagination and creativity, all the while seeking to capture the things that my son loves about his life - his passion for the mountains, his love of tennis, the tenderness with which he cares for his dogs, and his ease with always being the center of my life."


Capturing Loss. Photo Essay by Sung Cho

My father‐in‐law, Chinsoo Kim, recently died from cancer and I thought it offered an unique opportunity to document an event most people say they would like to not remember, but try hard not to forget.


The Evolution of my photography - Photo essay by alan lum

Before I dive into the assignment, I’d like to share some thoughts.

I had a narrow view of photography, just recording and preserving the past. I wanted everything to resemble what I saw, to be in focus, and with the widest possible view.

I still favor recording life, but I see the value of aesthetics and I learned the techniques to achieve it. That is the most valuable take-away from DGMD E-10.

Good photographs make the viewer pause and examine the details. The viewer can also step back and feel the mood or the moment. Whether you call it a hook, a selling point, or something else, this quality draws the viewer in. Going forward, I will strive to add just a little more spice to my shots.